Alert IT to Graphics Component Patches

by | Feb/9/2017

Security patches are so important to security, but they are difficult to manage and you always stand the risk of a patch interrupting productivity. And there are some new patches your IT team needs to know about…

Microsoft has released a series of patches related to the Windows Graphics Component. As IT professionals, we are tempted to think that, since it only applies to graphics, the patch isn’t that important.

Actually, the patch is very important. An attacker can execute code on your computers, perhaps even ransomware, if the patch is not installed.

We are seeing a trend during audits, of these patches being missing.

If you are a home user, be sure you are applying patches too. Chances are that you have your computer configured to auto-update.

And at your organization, be sure to alert your IT team that these patches to the graphics component are important too.

As long as your IT team is provided enough time to keep your system backed up, and to test the patches, then their applying your patches isn’t as ominous as hackers hope they feel it is.

And, as executives, you can help a lot by providing them time to focus on testing and deploying the patches. They are very busy already.

Please forward this to everyone you know whose systems may be missing these seemingly unnecessary patches. It will help stop the attackers!