Apple is Silly for Not Offering Touch Screens

by | Dec/13/2013

Here is something I don’t understand: Apple still doesn’t have touch screen monitors!

I’ve owned three MacBook Air computers and have loved them all. I bought the Airs because they are compact to carry, are very powerful, lightweight, durable, and really nice looking.

Apple iPhones and iPads have touch screens that we all love. We’ve become a touch-centric world, and Apple has driven that transition perhaps more than anyone.


  1. Joe H

    The “touch” interface for mobile devices, phones, tablets makes sense. It does not make sense for desktop/notebook computers, especially those used in business.

    The last thing I want do to is touch my screen. Excessive and wasted motion, and finger prints all over the screen are among the leading reasons why. I fail to see why anyone would want this in a notebook or desktop computer, regardless of brand.

    • Mike Foster

      Thank you for your feedback Joe! That’s so cool that you are willing to share because what I’m supposed to do is answer questions, and have my answers questioned. Your participation facilitates that.

      Some people find that one of the helpful parts of a touch screen is when browsing the Internet – especially scrolling up and down pages. Often, there is no need to use the keyboard at all in that situation – even at work – until you need to enter data into a form.

      I’m curious, if you want to say, do you use a touch screen on any of your devices such as an iPad, Android, or other phone or tablet? What experience do you have then?

  2. Mike Foster

    Another reader says – and this is his voice:
    I just bought an Apple Air for the very reason you will not. I have an ASUS laptop with touch screen. I hate it. The machine is so light that when I swipe it falls over, and don’t get me started with Windows 8. Ever see what an ipad looks like after you have been using it. God forbid someone else gets their hands on it. Germ city!!!
    I’ll take a light, powerful, non-touch screen machine any day.

  3. Mike Foster

    My response:

    Awesome. I was trying to “stir things up” a little with that message. I love my Airs too (other than the touch screen). That’s a bummer about your ASUS.

    Windows 8 is an issue – and thank goodness you can configure it to look and feel like Windows 7 (I can tell you how). But you may be using the Apple OS anyway.

  4. Mike Foster

    He replies:

    Send me how to change Windows 8. I did hear that 8.1 came out and is better. My tec guy is going to install it someday

  5. Mike Foster

    And in response to your horrible experience wit your laptop sliding around on your desk while you used the touch screen, there are several other choices to look at. Personally, I’m using the Microsoft Surface with great results. Below is more information. Be warned though – I take a few pokes at the iPad because I’ve learned readers will post more responses when I do:

    Another favorite is the Lenovo Yoga. There are many others too. Perhaps some readers will post their favorites here or on one of the other links above.


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