Application streaming for executives

by | Oct/6/2010

Executives take note—remote access applications took a huge leap forward years ago. Did your IT department never send you the memo? Or maybe you hear your IT professionals talk about using Citrix or Microsoft for application streaming and wonder what that is.

Many executives understand the concept of remotely accessing another computer using GoToMyPC or LogMeIn services. Citrix and Microsoft offer server based solutions so you do not need to have a different computer to control for each and every remote user like with LogMeIn and GoToMyPC.

With those services, the server is basically sending screen updates to the remote computer and receiving keystrokes and mouse movements from the remote user. Especially if you have a slow Internet connection, often the response speed is too slow and the remote user feels frustrated.

Even better, the next level is to allow the server to send some or all of the application on the remote computer so the application runs locally on the remote computer! This way, even if the remote user has a slow connection, the program usually runs quickly since the program is running on the remote computer.

Another advantage is that the user can be on an Apple Macintosh computer but launch Windows based applications streamed from the server without needing to install Windows on the remote computer.

In the process of visiting companies around the USA most weeks I notice that a lot of executives are frustrated by their Terminal Server or Citrix server limitations. What they do not recognize is that they are using ancient versions of those systems—ancient in computer time anyway. Once they try the newer versions of these technologies, they are usually amazed at the improved performance that five years of technology can make.

Before you decide your remote access technology isn’t working for you anymore, make sure you are using the latest technology. If you tried the technology before and didn’t like it for whatever reason, give it a try again. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, this technology can do wonders.

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