Attackers Can Hack Your Phone Without Having Your Phone

by | Nov/18/2016

Phone operating systems store much of the information that you have in your phone in the cloud too. So, attackers stealing information from your phone can be as simple as gaining access to that data in the cloud. Additionally, some of the apps on your phone can mine all of this information and more, even the amount of electricity left in your battery.

Gaining access to your account can provide everything from photos stored in your phone, to the passwords of Wi-Fi access points to which you’ve connected to in the past. That is very concerning.

When attackers know your browsing history, your email messages, your past search terms and the links you’ve clicked, they can use that information to perform very effective attacks tailored to trick you and the members in your company. With knowledge of your passwords, they can wreak all kinds of havoc.

Go get an idea of the kind of data that is stored in the cloud and is potentially accessible to attackers who use the right tools, see google dot com /policies/privacy/

Additionally, there are tools available, such as cloud explorer, that make it easy for even non-technical attackers to conveniently gain access to the sensitive information stored in your phone.

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