Avoid Public Wireless Networks and Hot Spots

by | Jun/11/2015

As executives take summer vacations, they will be tempted to connect to public WiFi wireless network hotspots at airports, coffee shops, hotels, etc.  Before you connect, know the risks.

When you connect to a network that isn’t under your control, someone else on the guest network could capture your data and even hack your computer. Your IT Pros can take steps to reduce the risks, but it is best not to connect.

So, how do you work remotely?  Most phones these days permit you to connect your laptop through the phone to use the Internet. This functionality is often referred to as making a personal hot-spot. There are even devices that provide the 4G connectivity without using your phone.

Call your mobile phone service provider and ask how much of your data plan you use now. You might be pleasantly surprised that, especially using email and browsing the web, using your phone as a personal hot spot will be less expensive than you might think.

And a side benefit to connecting your laptop to the Internet through your phone:  the speeds may be faster too.

Please share this with everyone you care about who might be tempted to connect to a public wireless network.