Executives – avoid big danger of online banking

by | May/5/2010

Many executives use online banking for their personal accounts at home. Here is a simple step to potentially save you tons of money and a huge headache—NEVER perform online banking from any computer that is also used by your spouse or kids. Ever.

Spouses and children tend to engage in online behavior that can lead to infections on your home computer. They visit many web sites, participate in instant messaging and social media, and may even share files with “friends.” Spouses and children may sometimes ignore important system messages and also sometimes “fall for” bogus system messages designed to allow a virus, worm, or Trojan to infect your computer.

Then, when you sit down to do your online banking, your account may be compromised.

Maybe now is a good time to treat yourself, or your family, to a separate computer. Here are 7 quick tips to perform on any new computer to help keep it safe: http://www.fosterinstitute.com/blog//7-quick-tips/


  1. Steve Jagde

    Another best practice is to set up a separate account just for transfers , ach and online banking. Use this separate account to pay all bills. Only keep a minimal balance in this account. transfer monies from other accounts as needed , but only expose the minimal account to payees. It is a little more work, and have to transfer in funds to cover payments , but greatly reduces risk.

  2. Mike Foster

    Excellent practice suggestion. Thank you Steve!


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