Can you Trust the Kindness of Tech Support Strangers?

by | Oct/19/2018

If you place a call to tech support for your online accounting software or any program, and if the technical support representative on the phone asks you to download a diagnostic program to test your computer, think twice.

Their program already installed on your computer should be able to give them all the information that they need. Even if the tech support person does require you to install another program, there is a possibility that the diagnostic program has an undiscovered security vulnerability.

If you do decide to install the program, at least make sure that the file location they offer you is on their main website, not a misspelled version such as or

Additionally, refuse to permit tech support to log in to your computer, even if you were the one who called them. Do you want to trust the security of your computer to a stranger?

Ask if there is some other way to provide them with the information they need.

Beware of imposters asking you to provide remote access or asking you to download diagnostic software.