Connecting iPhones, iPads and Macs at your office

by | Jan/4/2012

This is a scalding hot topic for senior level executives. Sometimes they say, “My IT is not excited about me connecting.” Here are some important tips—and you can pass them along to IT but only AFTER you look at the tips yourself:

Many of our clients are integrating the iPad into their organizations. Be sure to secure the iPad using steps that include:

  • A secure lock code
  • Keeping all Apple patches up-to-date
  • Setting up the Find iPhone in iCloud (allows remote wipe. In mid-November, someone stole my iPad and I was able to pinpoint the location and have the iPad back with me safe and sound.)

Apple is, in my estimation, working hard to get the iPad accepted and implemented in offices. To that end, Apple has adopted some security measures. This blog is directed at senior executives, so some of these terms may not make sense—and that is okay:

  • Support for WPA2 for Wi-Fi security (both PSK and Enterprise)
  • Support for VPNs
  • Password support including options for complexity, length, forced changes, lockout, etc.
  • Integration with Exchange
  • Ability for the IT department to enforce policies
  • Remote data wipe
  • PKI support including code signing requirements

If you, or IT, want to know more, check out Apple’s security overview. In particular, their iPad Security Overview and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync document.

I expect lots of posts on this blog. This is such a hot topic—so many more of these devices are in the hands of executives, and especially after the holidays.

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