Cyber Security’s Three Essential Steps

by | Nov/25/2015

In this time of gratitude, which is perhaps the most important foundation of happiness and success, it is important to thank you for helping make the world a safer place. Three controls, perhaps the most important three controls, help protect you from cyber-threats. They are:

1. Keep critical operating system and application patches up to date, especially Flash, Java, Reader, and your browsers. Updates fix security loopholes in programs. The fear of a patch causing a program to malfunction can be reduced with proper testing, performing a staged rollout, and having a rollback plan.

2. Utilize Application Whitelisting. Application whitelisting allows you to specify what programs are permitted to run, such as Microsoft Office, your accounting program, and anything else your team needs for business purposes. Because of not being on the ok list, the majority of malicious software is blocked from running. The reason most companies don’t use application whitelisting is that their IT Pros know it can be a daunting process to set up and make it work well. Therefore, we can set that up for your IT pros. Why should they need to learn something when it only needs to be done once? The upkeep can be simple from then on.

3. Reduce the number of users with Local Admin rights as much as possible. This removes a user’s ability to install programs on their computer. As a result, it greatly hinders the ability for attackers to install malicious software too.

Other than implementation, none of those cost any money. You already paid for the technology. Emphasize the importance of, and support your IT Pros, as they implement these 3 powerful controls in your network.

Wishing you a thankful week and thank you all for remembering cyber-security as part of your main strategy for successful business operations!