Are you sure your IT professional has time to get this daily checkup?

by | Oct/29/2008

Many IT professionals, in-house or outsourced, are so busy fixing problems that they do not have time to check daily tasks. Here is a beginning list of some items to check.

Just like pilots perform a pre-flight check before every flight, every morning someone needs to spend 10 minutes verifying items such as:

  • Backup report(s) – check for any errors in the logs
    – If the errors can be corrected by excluding files that do not need to be backed up anyway, then exclude those files and folders
  • Operating system and application high priority security patch status
    – See list of machines needing updates
    – If a machine needs patches, they need to be applied as soon as the patch can be tested
    – Hopefully all patches are tested and applied the same day they are released!
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
    – All machines have scanned all files within the last 24 hours – or on whatever schedule you use
    – All machines have an updated signature file and Anti-Virus program version
    – You decide how often remote users need to connect to be checked: daily, every 2 days, etc.
  • Appliances and servers used for Intrusion Detection Systems / Anti-Spam / Web Filtering / etc.
    – Software firewall program version
    – Any errors or messages that need attention
  • RAID array utilities – verify integrity of RAID arrays
  • Main Firewall error log
  • Event viewer log consolidation tool
  • Any other appropriate checks

Moreover, even better than having someone check these manually, is when each service automatically sends a short and complete report via e-mail to an IT professional every single day.

You may choose not to check every single item, and you may choose to add even more. Just please make yours a conscious and informed choice.