Did You Cause Your Own Dropbox Breach?

by | Oct/15/2014

Hackers say they have 7 million Dropbox passwords. And testing of a sampling of them show that is true – but Dropbox adds that…

Dropbox says that they did not suffer a password breach. Instead, some users (I hope not you) actually use the same password for their Dropbox accounts as they do on other web sites. When hackers steal passwords for those sites, they’ll try the same password at Dropbox to see if that is the password there too. This underscores how important it is to use a different password at every website you visit.

Take these 3 steps right away:

First, read the short and plain English recommendations for using password managers, guidance about ways to protect yourself if the password manager is breached: What to Do About Your Passwords

Second, follow the instructions at Dropbox: Enable Two-step Verification

Third, send this to all of your friends and please post your comments below….