Do Your Workers Let Their Kids Use Their Phones?

by | Dec/5/2013

In case you didn’t realize it, some of your employees use their phones and tablets, such as the iPhones and iPads, as electronic “babysitters” for their kids and grandkids. What if the kids access company email?

When the people who work for your organization go home for the evening, what if their kids “play games” or “watch shows” on the device? Parents love them for sure: The device keeps Skippy busy so that the adults can have some time to themselves, but what if Skippy starts forwarding email messages from one of your customers to another?

What if the youngster accidentally deletes an essential email message your worker was using as a “reminder” of an important meeting the next day? Or the message from a prospect whose email only arrived that night and your salesperson never saw the message before Junior deleted it?

Please post your comments about how your organization is dealing with this problem.