Executives Give Clues Before Firing IT Firms

by | Jul/29/2014

Not all top-level executives, owners, and other decision makers are pleased with their outsourced IT firm. What signs should a service provider notice?

The Wall Street Journal released an enlightening article entitled “Six Subtle Signs You’re About to Lose Your Job – For Busy and Confident Executives, These Warnings Are Easy to Miss” by Joann S. Lublin.

Like executives, many outsourced IT firms are so incredibly busy that they do not catch the hints that they are about to lose a customer.

Many executives loathe considering the fallout of changing outsourced IT support companies. Sometimes they say, “I don’t want to fire our outsourced IT firm – it is so helpful that they’ve learned how our business works.”

Because outsourced IT firms have their finger on the jugular vein of your business, executives prefer to wait until the last possible moment, after making all the preparations, and sever the relationship without warning.

There are many wonderful outsourced IT firms out there. If you have one, keep them.

Technology is an essential component for most companies, and you must feel confident that you have excellent IT service providers. Moreover, most service providers want to be excellent. As Stephen Covey said, it is a win-win when your service providers exceed your expectations.

Next week, expect 3 questions to ask your service providers in order to see how well they are delivering.

Would you advise every executive you know to tell their outsourced IT firm what they do and do not appreciate about their experiences while working together? Please post your comments below…