Fix A Computer in Minutes and It Works Almost Every Time

by | Jul/21/2017

I was stranded in the Portland airport last night because of a mechanical failure on the first flight. You’ve had similar situations for sure. What would your travel experience be like if the airlines could immediately reset a plane to be brand new if it breaks?

With computers, you can be up and running ASAP. Unless there is something broken with the computer’s hardware, a broken computer can be revived in just a few minutes.

In order for this to happen, ask your IT department (if they haven’t already) to create a golden image.

First they will set up a computer and configure it exactly the way it needs to be for your business – and you could do this for home computers too. Second, make an image backup of the computer. Recommended tools are below.

Now, you have a golden image, configured in the way you like with all the right software installed, etc., that can be restored to a computer to reset the computer to be like new again.

From now on, whenever you suspect that a computer is infected with a virus, has been hacked, or is just malfunctioning in general, do not troubleshoot it. Dump a golden image back onto the computer and refresh it to be like new.

Note: All the data will be overwritten when you restore the image. So, for personal computers, be sure to back up the data prior to restoring an image. At the office, all users store their data files on servers, not on workstations, right?

You may find that your IT team can create a single golden image that can be used on different models of computers, or they may need to make separate images for each model. If you use a technology called VDI, this is even easier. VDI is a different topic though.

Image backup tools include Shadow Protect Desktop from Storage Craft, and Acronis True Image. For Macs, use Carbon Copy Cloner.

Please forward this to everyone you know who troubleshoots a computer if it is acting up. There is another way, and troubleshooting may not be able to completely remove a virus if the computer is infected anyway.