Everyone is getting connected

by | Dec/22/2010

Undoubtedly, you’ve noticed that if you’re not online, you’re nobody. Even as an executive or owner of your business, chances are if you’re not utilizing the Internet your competitors are going to pass you in sales and success.

About the only exception I can think of regarding this fact, is if the business executives pay someone else to handle their online presence. Even if all you participate in is LinkedIn, at least you’re getting on the ball.

Another useful tool is to have a blog. By the way, if you’re subscribed to mine, thank you! The idea of having a blog is to provide your readers with helpful information that they can gather online. In addition, your blog entries can be posted on the social media sites, including LinkedIn.

Just like always, one of the most important things to do in business is build strong relationships with your clients. These days, it seems like everyone is connected. Even my wife spends several hours a day on Facebook, searching the Internet, online shopping, and doing business. (And usually in that order. At least shopping is not number one!)

If you aren’t already, start using the Internet to build stronger relationships with the people you serve.

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