Hack the Hacker who Hacked You

by | Dec/11/2014

Many times, organizations that got hacked want to track down and “hack the attacker back.” For instance, suppose someone emails your customers an email that says something bad about your organization. Most of the time, you’ll want to track those people down and do something about it!

But don’t mess with Hackers.

They can remain anonymous and, if they even think you are trying to get back at them, they’ll slam you. To them, you are picking a fight you cannot win.

Unless they are the most basic hackers, then they have resources they can use to take down your website, hack your network, use your servers to hack others, and make your life generally miserable in many ways.

Besides, if you did attack the attacker back, your legal counsel might tell you that what you are doing is illegal too. Even hacking a hacker is still hacking.

Put a smile on your face, do some PR damage control, and focus on growing your business and service your customers – the way you always do. And increase the security of your network!

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