Executives: Teach IT professionals to keep it short

by | Nov/17/2010

When one of your IT professionals sends you an e-mail message, is the message three paragraphs long? Do you have time to read the entire message?

Ask your IT professionals to:

  • Use bulleted lists instead of paragraphs
  • Do not tell the story, just the ending
  • Keep messages to 4 lines or less

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  1. Karen Geney

    Mike: I must be one of the few people who want *more* info from the IT people! I want to understand the situation and I often need context. I appreciate the suggestion for bullets, though, rather than wordy paragraphs. Thanks for your always excellent newsletter!

    • Mike Foster

      Thank you Karen! You are welcome. I think it is wonderful that you’ve reached an agreement with you IT team about what level of reporting you prefer. As you mentioned, the bullet points do help!


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