Executives–do you let your kids use computers?

by | Mar/30/2011

As a fairly new dad, I wonder how executives choose to handle all of the IT devices available—do you allow your kids to have them too?

Do you ever tell your kids, “When I was young, pocket calculators with 15 keys were the latest gadgets?”

Will our kids tell theirs, “When I was young, all we had were iPads and Blackberries?”

It is hard to imagine where technology will be in ten or fifteen years from now.

I’m happy I used calculators, and loved my TI-59C covered with buttons, but I feel reluctant to allow my kids to spend hours and hours using iPads.

As a teen, I learned the resistor color code, designed schematics, etched PC boards, and built fascinating gizmos using integrated circuit chips like the 555 timer. This technology may never be needed again!

Do you allow your kids to use computers and other electronic devices? If so, what limits do you set? Do you monitor their use?

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