How to connect multiple monitors to your computer

by | Apr/13/2011

When you try more than one monitor, it is hard to go back to a single monitor. Many users move to three or more monitors. What if your laptop, or desktop for that matter, only has one monitor port?

Fortunately, if you want to have multiple monitors connected to your computer, there are USB to VGA converters available that work very well.

Would you exchange your executive desk for a podium to work? I doubt it, so why do you accept a single screen to use on your computer?

Ask someone you know with multiple monitors, “If someone offered you $1,000 to go back to one monitor for one year, would you do it?” Chances are very good they will answer, “No way!”

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  1. Bernie Perry

    Hi Mike,

    This is a very timely topic for me. I’ve been considering adding a second monitor. However, unless I totally revamp my office setup, I would have to go with vertical stacking instead of side-by-side.

    I’d be curious to hear any comments from you or your reader about that type of configuration.


    • Mike Foster

      Hi Bernie,

      The way I see it:
      -Two monitors are at least twice as good as one (I feel two is more than twice as good – having one screen on the road is frustrating)
      -One stacked above the other is just fine with me. That seems much like sitting in a seminar taking notes: You look down at your screen and up at the presenter – a very common scenario. You’ll just be looking at two different monitors
      -I am sure there are ergonomic experts that can advise you about how high your chair needs to be, the angle of the monitors, etc. to work best for your body. By the way, I built my office in such a way that I always stand at my computers. The desk is high – a couple of inches taller than counters at home in the kitchen. My back and whole body feels better at the end of a workday
      -The next time you renovate your office, maybe you’ll plan for 9 monitors! 🙂 I will.

      Thank you for your frequent comments, pertinent questions, and good advice!




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