My Doctor Taught Himself!

by | Aug/1/2013

Imagine a hospital administrator lamenting, “I’ve had such bad luck hiring doctors. How do I tell good doctors from bad doctors?” Well, trusting doctors who earned a license to practice medicine would be a good start.

IT has their finger on the jugular vein of your company. Make sure your IT pros have demonstrated their level of proficiency by studying for and passing exams.

The single most important reason that “great” IT professionals still need to undergo the certification process: He or she will learn what they didn’t know that they didn’t know.

Facilitate your IT team’s obtaining certifications related to their roles in your organization. When choosing external IT companies, demand certification.

Yes, someone’s having a certification doesn’t guarantee a qualified professional. That is not an excuse for allowing uncertified people to support the life-blood of your business. Over the next few weeks you’ll find out certifications are important.