NSA National Security Agency

by | Oct/23/2015

At an NSA Cyber-Security talk last week, the presenter said: In the old days, if a military officer lost his gun, he would be in big trouble. Today, he is in just as much trouble if he loses his memory stick. The NSA provides 10 cyber-security guidelines…

The guidelines can be found by entering this search into Google:

Top 10 IA Mitigation Strategies site:nsa.gov

He also explained that, when it comes to Cyber-Security, the point of contact needs to be the person who handles risk management.

I see that too. IT Professionals are often overwhelmed with tasks related to keeping the network, applications, and managers happy. When a risk manager is able to intervene on their behalf and free up some of an IT Professional’s time, then IT Pros have time to implement important tactical security steps.

Review the 10 Guidelines with your IT Pro. See what you find out.

And forward this to the other executives that you know… so they can help the NSA make the US a safer place. They need your help to do so.