One Setting Can Protect Your Network from Ransomware

by | Dec/5/2017

Once an attacker accesses one computer, they attempt to traverse the network and infect other computers too. That’s how ransomware spreads on a network.

By default, all of your computers permit communication between each other, and attackers use those same communication channels to spread attacks from one machine to the next.

The solution is so basic that it is often overlooked: Computers do not need to talk to each other anyway, just to servers. Block the communication between workstations, and you take away a major vector used by ransomware to spread.

Ask your IT team to use local firewall settings on each computer to prohibit communication between workstations. They can make the setting once, and your servers will propagate that message to the other computers on the network. Give them a little time to complete this, because they will want to test their settings.

Please forward this message to help make the world a safer place. And remember, the more secure your service providers are, the more secure you are too.