Only One Virus is a Huge Problem

by | Nov/3/2016

If your office has even one instance of a virus, ransomware, or any other kind of malware, that is a huge symptom.

Yesterday, someone told me their security was good since they only get infected by a few viruses each year.

Even a single infection means there is a possibility that their machines are already infected.

If one virus can get in, other undetectable viruses can too.

Unless security protections are very poor on a network or computer, visible virus infections are rare these days.

People who see virus infections need to act, including patching their Internet facing applications and enabling click-to-play. Those features already come with Windows and applications so there is nothing to buy or download. For more information, see foster institute dot come slash blog.

If you know someone whose computers on their network catch viruses, tell them the viruses are more like chest pain, not like the common cold. Infections are the sign of some greater damage that is about to, or already has, occurred.