Protect Your Kids from Online Cyber Threats

by | Dec/29/2014

Another free tool that helps you protect your kids from cyber threats while they are online protects them if they are using Windows, Apple computers, iPads, iPhones, Androids…

Last week we covered a powerful, and free, Microsoft tool that protects kids both online, and offline: Protect your Kids from Cyber Dangers

Another free tool, which can be used concurrently with Microsoft Family Safety, is OpenDNS. It can protect Apple computers, iPads, iPhone, Androids, etc.

Without going into details that you don’t need to know in order to use their service, their solution is surprisingly simple – and effective. OpenDNS helps keep your family from visiting “bad” websites. That includes attackers that lure your family to visit their websites.

There are simple instructions at their website:

Remember, last week’s tool only works with Microsoft computers, but it handles off-line use too. In its most basic configuration, OpenDNS protects against online only, but can cover just about any device that connects to your network.

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