Reduce IT Spending Now–Part 2

by | Mar/7/2013

Here are more steps you can take in order to stop spending too much on IT technology.

You can find Part 1 here. The last recommendation was to stop buying more technology than you really need.

At the same time, it is important that you don’t remain archaic when your competitors pass you by. An example of where organizations are being left behind is when they fail to adopt workstation virtualization. Workstation virtualization comes in many forms, and one way is when programs all run on a server and the computers your users use merely act as screens and keyboards. This means the users can be using Windows, a Mac, a Tablet, or just about anything. Workstation virtualization solves a myriad of problems—probably more than you can imagine—that organizations otherwise have to spend a great deal of money, increase complexity, and choose not to implement due to the cost. For example, just by moving to workstation virtualization, there are business continuity and disaster recovery features “built in” for no additional expense.

Use server virtualization to save money on servers. Server Virtualization is when you use fewer physical computer boxes that “behave as if” they are three, five, or even more physical servers. In technological language, the physical servers host other guest operating systems.

Even though you are a business, don’t be afraid of allowing your IT professionals to buy refurbished equipment and sell your old equipment on auction sites. There are security concerns that need to be addresses, but other than that, reusing equipment is a lot better than having tons of it stored in offices and storerooms around the world. Some of the IT professionals I get to visit during on-site portions of IT Vital System Reviews show me storerooms full of old equipment. Sometimes, due to space constraints in the company facilities, so much old equipment is stored in the IT professionals’ offices that it is squeezing the IT professionals out of their desks! Even manufacturers sell “previously owned” refurbished equipment backed by a warranty—and it is often more than adequate for your needs.

And last, stop killing alligators and drain the swamp. Too many IT professionals run around like fire fighters rather than just fixing the root of problems.