Make Security Awareness Training mandatory

by | Oct/12/2011

These days one of the best defenses against criminal IT hacks is to have users who are “on the lookout” for malicious temptations. For example, anytime a user receives an e-mail message that indicates some kind of urgency.

Messages such as “your account is about to be suspended” is most often a virus. Especially if the e-mail message contains a link and/or has an attachment. Another example is a message that indicates “Your order just shipped” from a company the user never ordered any product from. The immediate temptation is to click on the link in order to investigate and/or see if the order can be cancelled.

It is imperative that all of your users learn about common dangers and follow best practices. Require them all to attend the training courses you provide. Next time we’ll focus on the best delivery methods.

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