Security Version 2.0

by | Apr/28/2016

Here is another powerful way to strengthen security – upgrade to the newest versions. Just like last week, your key tool will be your application inventory. It will look something like this…

The application inventory shows how many machines have a specific program installed on them, such as:

Qty – Application
18 – Adobe Flash Player version 11
22 – Adobe Flash Player version 16
79 – Adobe Flash Player version 20
29 – Mozilla Firefox version 38.0.1
99 – Mozilla Firefox version 44.0.2

Your list will be longer.

Notice that there are three versions of Adobe Flash Player and two versions of Firefox.

As you can imagine, more recent versions of software are generally the most secure. Most organizations such as Adobe and Mozilla recommend that you always use the most recent versions of their tools.

Using the most secure versions of applications is especially important for programs that interface directly to the Internet, such as Flash, Java, and your browsers.

Ask your IT Professionals to update, when possible, those kind of applications. Then, they can show you an updated application inventory report, one that shows the machines being all up-to-date. And, you’ll be able to sleep better at night.

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