Sleep Deprivation Makes Attackers’ Dreams Come True

by | Jun/8/2016

Your team’s healthy sleep stops hackers. Often, an attacker’s primary goal is to trick your workers. Trick them into clicking a link, opening an attachment, or following instructions that supposedly come from their boss. So, one of the best ways to protect your company is to arm your employees to make the best decisions. Your team members’ ability to avoid being tricked relies heavily upon your team’s capability to distinguish fact from reality. Getting eight hours of sleep, or more depending on the person, results in better decision making abilities.

I do not take medicine to aid sleep. Recent research shows that many sleep aids, including one that is almost universal and used for treating allergies, can greatly increase the likelihood of neurological issues, such as dementia, later in life. Some people say that tart cherry pills help. Other people complain about melatonin hangovers.

Sleep is a skill. There are now “sleep coaches” – especially for winning sports teams. Here are some sleep tips that, in my own experience, work well, and you may want to share them with your team:

Preparation – Three steps for the hour before bed:

1. Experience warm color light sources only.
-No “Daylight color” light bulbs or reading lights. Use “soft white” bulbs only before bedtime. No blue light.
-Turn off the TV, phone, and iPad. If you must, then Apple Night Shift settings at maximum warmth.
-Read a book or magazine, read to a loved one, or keep a journal.

2. Contents
-Let go of negative thoughts about work and about your mother-in-law.
-Avoid negative news stories.
-Have a snack so your body doesn’t wake you up to eat.

3. Relax
-Relaxing bath. Candles and rose petals optional.
-Focus on breathing. When you inhale, visualize happy and joyful images. Exhale worries, stress, and anything that doesn’t serve you.
-Progressive relaxation: Tense up your head and neck muscles, then relax them. Tense shoulder muscles, then relax them. Keep going all the way to your toes.
Protect your company against hackers by helping your team members get a good night’s sleep. Sleep has other benefits too.

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