Smooth and Slippery for IT Security

by | Apr/21/2016

When talking about security, a good example is the large polished stainless steel sculpture commonly known as The Bean. If someone wanted to climb the bean, they would quickly find that the smooth surface provides no place to get a foothold. Make your computers like The Bean. Every single program installed on your computers provides a potential toe-hold that an attacker can use to access your systems. The key is to ask your IT Professionals for a summarized application inventory. That inventory needs to provide a list showing the number of computers – then the application:

Qty – Application
79 – Adobe Flash Player
84 – Microsoft Office Standard
99 – Mozilla Firefox
10 – WinPcap
25 – WinZip
And your list will be much longer…

To make your systems more secure, look through the list, and identify the applications that are essential to your doing business. Then, ask your IT Pro to remove anything that is not essential.

As you remove the non-essential programs, you make your network more secure. The fewer toe-holds, the more like The Bean, the more secure you will be.

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