Prepare for users working from home during Swine Flu

by | Sep/16/2009

There is concern about the Swine Flu causing problems this fall. Will your workers be able to work from home? The government web site about the Swine Flu is

The topic of employees working securely from a remote location comes up in almost every IT audit I do with companies. There are many methods for employees to work remotely, and with the potential threat of the Swine Flu looming, now is an important time to be sure your employees can work remotely.

The problem with allowing employees to connect through the VPN to your network from their home computer is that the computer could contain viruses and other malware. One solution many organizations are moving to is Citrix Xen to deploy applications to the home computers in a more secure fashion.

The crucial thing to remember for now is that whether or not the Swine Flu does kill a lot of people, the psychological reaction itself could cause major problems for your business if your employees refuse to come in to the office to work. For other non-IT related tips, check out