The Google Scam Shows How, If someone You Know Gets Hacked, it can Make You Look Bad Too.

by | May/4/2017

The Google scam: If anyone receives an email that contains a link to Google Doc, do not click on the link. Even if the email appears to be from someone they know and trust. Google did not get hacked, but someone else who has your email address in their contact list probably did. Anyone who clicked on that link needs to go to dot com/permissions and remove the one called Google Docs

This kind of stuff happens all the time, not just to Google, but to other unsuspecting people.

If someone receives an email that appears to have been sent by you, and the email contains a malicious link, lots of people would think it was your fault. There is a good chance that you did not get hacked, just like Google did not get hacked, but you may get blamed anyway. What probably happened is that one of your friends, or at least someone who has you in their contact list, got hacked. Then the attacker chose to send the malicious message, that appeared to be from you, to all the other contacts stored in that person’s contact list.

Spread the word encouraging the people you know to be sure they are secure, since, if someone you know gets hacked, it can make you look bad too.

And, tell others that, when they receive a malicious email message that appears to be from someone they know, that person they know may not have been hacked.

For your own protection, forward this message to everyone who may have you in their address book.