Think you’re secure? See how easily you can be hacked.

by | May/29/2008

I’ve been demonstrating hacking in my presentations, and in response to many requests, the video is now available of the hacking session. Watch the hacking demonstration video below.

Click here to view the computer hacking video demonstration

Computer Security Demonstration

This video demonstrates how someone might watch your traffic while you are in a hotel, coffee shop, hot spot, or even your own office. Check it out and post your comments below!


  1. Ford Saeks

    Wow, how shocking! I travel a lot with my laptop and since I have a firewall and virus protection I thought I was pretty safe. I had no idea how easy it could be for a hacker to monitor my laptop internet traffic.

    I’m going to order your book “The Secure CEO” so I can get my IT professionals up to date and keep my network secure! Thanks for the video demonstration and keep the videos coming!

    Ford Saeks

  2. Elvis Lafler

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