“This is Your Captain Speaking – No Samsung Phones Allowed”

by | Sep/13/2016

Yesterday afternoon, I and some of the more than 100 other passengers on our jet were paying attention to the safety demo. Unexpectedly, the announcement included a statement that prohibited the use of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone. Additionally, charging such a device is prohibited too. Now that’s harsh… or is it?

Due to more than 35 instances of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones exploding, Samsung has recalled the 2.5 million devices.

Fortunately, none of the explosions happened in an airliner. Yet. And may it please never, ever, happen.

Will the ban be enforced and, if so, how? Do all Samsung device owners know which model they have?

Are we all gambling with our lives when we fly on planes with phones that might explode? Will the airlines deny use of other Lithium battery operated devices to make things easier to enforce? If you cannot take phones with you on a business trip, is this a new business opportunity for someone to rent phones to travelers arriving at airports?