How do CEO’s feel about employees using Twitter?

by | Sep/23/2009

Here is a short video about how most CEO’s feel about employees using twitter:

In a recent webinar, an executive misunderstood me and thought I said “never let anyone in the company use Twitter!”

I use Twitter to provide tips to my followers—why would I tell people not to use Twitter? Two points about using Twitter effectively:

  1. Make sure you get some kind of ROI.a. For company use, I prefer employees who are in marketing use Twitter to help market their company.

    b. Even better, search Twitter for your company and your competitors. Look to see what people are saying about you! Search for your products, services, and other related resources. This is very helpful!

    c. Some CEO’s find using Twitter a great way to stay in touch with employees, customers, and shareholders.

  2. Watch the security.a. Those shortened URL’s may take you to a malicious web page without any warning that can infect your network.

    b. People can fool you into thinking you are going to a link recommended by someone you trust.

    c. Twitter is working on solving this problem, but the whole internet in general has problems with drive-by-downloads on sites people visit.

Learn more about Twitter—you may find that it can help you grow your business and server your clients!