Two Reasons Why Microsoft Phones are Better than Apple Phones

by | Jan/2/2014

And these are two reasons Microsoft doesn’t even advertise…

After months of using the Windows Phone as an experiment, I saw no compelling reason to stay with the Windows Phone. So I moved back to an iPhone 5S and was shocked to realize how much better the Windows Phone really is. Voice quality is much better for one thing.

The first big improvement: Selecting text

Copy and paste are two very important functions for people who like to move paragraphs. Some people like to pull information from web sites and other email messages into a new email (or text) message.

When “Select All” includes text you don’t want, have you ever tried to use an iPhone to select specific text in order to copy and paste? Success can be hit-and-miss, especially for text close to the edge of the screen. The Windows phone provides a significantly better experience. Granted, I have comparatively big fingers. My wife is much more adept at using the tiny touch screen.

Even if you never copy and paste, consider the second biggest improvement: Auto-correct

When typing an email message on an iPhone, when the iPhone is supposedly “correcting” your typos, you have to click the little x to tell Apple to leave your word alone the way you typed it. That can mean “one more click” per word. Extra clicks just slow you down.

Except for the most obvious typos, the Windows phone actually leaves your text as you typed it. It provides options from which you can choose if you realize you made a typo.

It seems to learn complete sentences that you’ve used before and makes “next word” suggestions accordingly.

In summary, the improved “copy and paste” and better auto-correct will be enough reason for some people to switch to a Windows Phone.

Thank goodness for the 14 day testing period. I traded the 5S right back in for an upgraded Windows Phone. The 6-inch screen and processing power of the Lumina 1520 are impressive.

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