Two-Step Logon – You Only Need to do it Once

by | Apr/21/2020

Using two-step logon is one of the best things you can do to keep unauthorized people from logging into your account. Use the checkbox to “remember this device” and eliminate the need to perform the second step repetitively.

The two-step logon is when you go to a website, put in your username and password, and then you get a text message on your phone with a code to complete your login process. The idea is that, even if someone finds out your username and password, an attacker can’t log in if they don’t have your physical phone too.

The most common objection to two-step login is that the second step is a hassle and takes too long.

But here’s the take-home message to you: Many websites have a little box on the login screen that says, “remember this device.” Tick the box. Do it. You won’t have to use the two-step login procedure again on that same device.

Not all websites have that box, but the number grows every day.

Here’s a bonus tip: Receiving a text message is the most common second step right now. If the website offers for you to use an app on your phone, that’s more secure.

Forward this to your friends. Recommend that they add two-step login and check the little box to remember their device. They can increase their security dramatically without the ongoing frustration.

Although you may find that Zoom doesn’t yet support remembering devices, two-step logon is still an essential strategy for protecting accounts. If you want to see how to set up two-step login on Zoom, click here Zoom Security – Set Up Two-Step Login