Should you be worried about the virus attack on April 1?

by | Mar/30/2009

Yes, there is a lot of concern over a “really bad virus” attacking on April 1. Should you be concerned? In fact, many computers are already infected.

The virus goes by the name of Conficker and it is also known as Downadup (and also Downup and Kido).  My advice remains the same as always: be concerned about a really bad virus every single day of your life. If you are following IT security best practices, then there is nothing more to do in preparation for April 1.

Still, I was amazed during the Y2K bug nine years ago how many executives decided, “ok, let’s go ahead and take appropriate IT steps since there is a deadline.” If your organization has been postponing some of the simple IT security basics, maybe Conficker’s “bright side” is that you’ll do what needs to be done.


Details of some of the steps to take include:

Even if the economy is having a negative effect on your business, protecting yourself is very economical. The expensive part is suffering the monetary loss from downtime, lawsuits, and loss of your company’s reputation.

Protect yourself today – and every day!