When a Surface Pro Computer is Better than an iPad

by | Jul/4/2013

Not all, but many executives use Microsoft Office programs, and other programs that run in Windows. Microsoft Windows programs don’t run on the iPad. So, we tend to use applications that hinder us.

For example, with an Apple or Android tablet, you probably use Documents to Go, QuickOffice Pro HD, or some other app that allows you to edit Microsoft Office documents. While those apps are good, they just aren’t the same as using the real live Microsoft Office.

Your problems are over. Think of the Microsoft Surface Pro as being an extremely powerful laptop computer packed into a very small size. Because that’s what it is.

When you edit a Microsoft Office document on your Surface Pro, you are actually using the real live Microsoft Office.

While Drop Box is a phenomenally useful app and you’ll continue to use it for other purposes, there is no need to use Drop Box to transfer files between your non-Microsoft devices and your Windows machine that sits on your desk. Since the Surface Pro is running Windows, you’ll see all of your familiar folders including “My Documents,” your C: drive, and even the network drives you use when connected to your network.

In fact, why not get rid of your old computer and just use the Surface Pro at your desk from now on. You can connect large monitors, keyboards, printers, and just about everything you want via a USB hub that you plug into the Surface Pro. Nobody even needs to notice since you keep using your same screens and keyboard as before. Then, when you are ready to leave the office, just unplug the single USB cord and head out carrying everything you need—all in a small portable device that is a “big laptop” packed into a very small package.