When You Buy New Wi-Fi devices, be Sure they Support Wi-Fi Version 6

by | Jun/18/2019

Wi-Fi technology is always changing. When you buy new Wi-Fi equipment, be sure to ask if there is a Wi-Fi version 6 option available. You will increase speed, security, and help futureproof your investment. Wi-Fi version 6 will become the new standard for several reasons:

Faster: Wi-Fi version 6 won’t necessarily speed up your network if you have few wireless devices because it only offers faster speeds when multiple wireless phones, computers, appliances, and other devices connect to the access point. Up to 8 devices can communicate simultaneously with the access points, twice as many as before. The new technology even makes mobile device batteries last longer because Wi-Fi v6 can permit devices to draw less power.

More Secure: The primary security-related feature is mandating a security technology called WPA3. The prior version, WPA2, is more than ten years old and vulnerable to remote password guessing attacks. WPA3 requires an attacker to stay physically close to a network when guessing passwords, and your devices can detect frequent guesses. WPA3 encryption is optional in Wi-Fi v5 but required with Wi-Fi version 6.

Futureproofing and Interoperability: When you buy new devices, they may be so expensive that you don’t replace them for years. The good news is that your old Wi-Fi version 5 devices can work with your new access points, and vice versa, so you don’t need to replace everything immediately. However, over time, replace both to experience all of the benefits of version 6.

Nomenclature: You may have noticed that the Wi-Fi Alliance is ditching the old way of naming wireless technology like 802.11b, 802.11a, etc. Now, they are moving to increase version numbers, starting with Wi-Fi v6. The next version will be v7, then v8, and so on.

Please forward this message to people you know who are buying new Wi-Fi devices so they can seek Wi-Fi v6 certified devices when available. They’ll help futureproof their investment, increase security, and enjoy faster connections in busy environments.