You Do Not Need to Understand Computers to Make Ransomware

by | Apr/23/2019

There is a new program that is designed to help even non-technical people to create ransomware. The tool is called Inpivx, and it is designed to provide easy point-and-click functionality.

Do you know someone who doesn’t like your organization and would like to cause harm? Can you think of anyone who may want to exploit you for money, other than a vast population of bad actors already in the world?

Even more worrisome than Inpivx is the realization that there will be more user-friendly tools to come from sources around the globe. Some attacks are already relatively easy to launch for a non-technical person, and such technologies are in an upward trend.

Remember typewriters? To move a paragraph, you had to re-type the page. Over time, typing documents became incredibly easy even for non-technical people. Creating ransomware is on the same path to easiness.
Anti-virus, firewalls, and passwords are crucial to cybersecurity. All of them are. However, if you feel that those are enough, you might be shocked if you get hacked.

How do you protect yourself? Keep patches up to date, remove all non-essential programs from computers, grant users only bare minimum privileges they need to do their jobs, use excellent spam protection, never allow users to check webmail at your organization, to name just a few. And, of course, keep those security IT Vital Systems Reviews current.

Please forward this to your friends, so they know that ransomware programs are more accessible to create than ever, even for non-technical people, so the danger is growing too.