Reduce Your Risk of a Workplace Shooter

by | Sep/25/2014

It happens too often: An employer terminates an employee, and then the employee comes back to shoot their supervisors. There is a simple way to reduce the likelihood…

If you are going to terminate someone, then if possible, do so on the afternoon before his or her day off.

If you terminate an employee on a day before a normal workday, then that firing changes the ex-worker’s daily routine the next day. He may spend time, when he would normally have been working, seething over what he may consider an unfair termination. His temper may boil over when he adopts the idea that his manager is attacking his family by preventing him from being able to support his loved ones. His rage may grow out of control. There is a slight chance he will dress up for work, go to the workplace, and perform some violent act that everyone will regret.

You have seen it on the news.

If you choose to terminate a person at closing time on the day before their scheduled day off, such as on a Friday afternoon for many office workers, then you might reduce the likelihood of the employee acting out on their rage. The ex-worker was going to be staying home the next day anyway; that is their routine schedule. Their anger could possibly diminish during those normal days off.

There is no guarantee that this will protect your life and the lives of the other workers at your workplace, but you may feel a responsibility to do everything in your power that might help safeguard your workplace.

This tip is provided by our specialist for the, “What to Do if a Gunman Enters Your Office” program. He specializes in Hostage Rescue by S.W.A.T. teams. The program shows attendees exactly why the odds of survival in these dangerous situations are actually in their favor. Participants gain a sense of security, not panic. Please say if you would like more information about bringing the training experience to your workplace so that you and your team members can sleep better at night.

What to Do if a Gunman Enters Your Office

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  1. Mike Foster

    A leader of business executives provided the response:

    Good afternoon Mike,

    HR professionals urge terminations to be at the start of the work week so as to give employers the opportunity to communicate with the troops… firing someone on a Friday give the terminated individual the whole weekend to spread their story their way, with no opportunity for management to set the story straight, to get everyone on the same page… two days to create unanswered problems, mischief…

    Terminating early in the week also allows for, if so inclined, immediate referral to, and application of, outplacement services – if appropriate.

    Yes, your experts suggestion may be more appropriate for the rare exception who is inclined to return , gun in hand, but the far greater number have a different agenda.

    Thought you might appreciate a different perspective.

  2. Mike Foster

    A different perspective is always appreciated and encouraged. Thank you!

    Perhaps this will be a risk management issue for HR departments. I wonder if they will be able to have a feeling about whether or not the terminated employee would become furious (especially furious towards them in particular). Maybe that would effect their decision of when to fire?


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