Stop Paying Outsourced IT by the Hour!

by | Jul/25/2013

Too many organizations hire outsourced IT companies and pay them by the hour. If you pay an hourly rate, what is the IT company incentivized to do? If you said, “take longer,” then you are exactly right.

Not only will they take longer, but outsourced IT companies can send inexperienced staff members to your location to respond to your requests. If the inexperienced person is not familiar with whatever you want them to do, then they will spend time educating themselves. Eventually, they will likely solve the IT problem you wanted them to fix, but you just paid an hourly rate while they educated themselves.

Utilize outsourced IT companies that have the expertise on staff to handle the projects you want to outsource. If your business is in a rural area with few IT professional companies to choose from, then discuss with them ahead of time how you don’t intend to pay them while they increase their own knowledge to a level where they can help you.

Save money and receive better service: When you utilize services from an outsourced IT support company, then clearly define the scope of the work they are supposed to accomplish. Then, leave it up to them to provide you with a flat fee for the work. Then they are incentivized to do the best job they can and also use their time wisely.