The Three Biggest Cyber Security Trends Right Now

by | Dec/21/2017

First, the attacker population is outpacing the ability to control them. Attacks are trending higher at an ever-increasing rate. Be extra security-diligent.

Second, ransomware, software that prevents you from accessing your information until you pay a ransom, incidences are accelerating. People still blame attackers for ransomware. Mostly thats an excuse. The solution is to be more proactive and increase security before the ransomware can attack. And test your speedy restore capability regularly, just in case.

Last, about half of the breaches we see started with some service provider. All companies that provide you with goods and services might have infections on their networks that lead to a breach of data or an interruption in their ability to serve you, which may interfere with your ability to serve your customers. If they have a connection to your network, or exchange data with you in any way, they may unwittingly do something that compromises your organizations security. Be sure your vendors and service providers are security minded and have audits by qualified independent auditors.

Forward this to all the executives you know. Together we can make the world a safer place.